Djette Elka ayoung Moroccan born in November 1992 from Marrakech live in Rabat.
it was at the age of 23 that crossed the deejing estate by playing her sets in private parties with friends before performing in public
passionate about Electronic Music but once she start to work officially her musical choice has changed to Afro house ,Tribal ,deep and tech-house and house music in general

in Summer of 2016 was her first time playing in public in a beach club (Skyhut/baody-saidia) during the journey till the sunset later she took the turntables in a night club (Hollywood-marina-saidia).

The winter of 2017 was the return to rabat working with an events company for private parties (Beya Event)
after summer with that company she back to Saidia to work as a resident dj in a night club (Le Milliardaire).

in 2018 back again to saidia for four residency this time:
Oprado Beach Club
O’dream Beach Club
La Bodega Restaurant Lounge Bar
Montecristo night club
she also play 4 sets in Hollywood night club

in this year she had many gigs in different clubs in Morocco like:
So Lounge Tamuda Bay M’diq
Amnesia Rabat
Jet 7 Casablanca
Kas’bar Hilton Tanger City center
Sky 5 at 555 Famous Club Marrakech
Ô’club Fes

Djette Elka is also a song writter so producing music is the next step for her career but still a long way to go hoping she make her dreams coming true and become an international moroccan djette